Fine Art Landscape Photography from Sacramento

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Each of the images in these galleries was created with great care, dedication, perseverance, skill and luck

From ocean to mountains, bringing Nature into living spaces

Introducing a curated collection of images from locations that inspire emotional connection with nature.


Nature nourishes the soul

Being out in nature creates a wonderful opportunity for us to let go and be present in the experience. It can be restorative, inspirational, freeing, and evocative of so many positive responses. Give it a go. Let go.

Displaying our images in your living spaces is intended to provide an opportuity to have such an experience in your home or office. Whilst a two dimensional image cannot convey sound, smell or touch, it can through the use of colour and light and composition, invite the viewer to explore the story of the photograph and hopefully take the viewer on a journey through the nature of the picture, however brief. That is why we prefer to offer prints on the larger side of the spectrum. It's like looking through a larger window, allowing for a more relaxed experience.

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From oceans to mountains, finding locations that we connect to, creating emotive imagery and sharing with viewers is our why. For, as David Thoreau so presciently states, "In Wildness is the Preservation of the World"