Print Types

Thank you for your interest in purchasing a print. For convenience and efficiency  of service, our store offers prints in limited sizes as chosen by the photographer to best represent the work. However prints sizes are customizable to be AVAILABLE IN ALL SIZES. If a size you desire is not listed please reach out via customer service to setup a free consultation so we can better serve your needs.

We offer the following print styles - HD metal prints, Canvas prints and Framed Acrylic Prints. Please read below for more details:

HD metal prints

High definition metal prints are created by a process that deposits ink on an aluminum panel. This creates a vibrant, high contrast visual product that is durable and easy to maintain. These prints are available in either a glossy finish or a matte finish.

Example - matte print on aluminium sheet

Each print comes with a lightweight framework with metallic finish, mounted to the back of the aluminum print panel that will extend your print approximately 1” from the wall and provide easy mounting points for the panel.

HD metal prints are best for creating instant visual impact. The high contrast and vibrant colors attract attention and are best displayed in spaces with these characteristics held in mind. The glossy finish creates a stunning look but is highly reflective and we recommend that these products NOT be mounted directly facing a large window or any other large light source. They look incredibly beautiful mounted at an angle to a window or other light source. For situations where the product WILL be mounted directly opposite a window or large light source, the matte finish works very well. The colours are slightly more muted than the glossy finish but the issues with reflections are much reduced.

Metal prints are durable enough that they can be placed outdoors and dust can be cleaned from them using a damp cloth. Now that's easy maintenance. The vibrant colours do not fade - at least not over the normal lifetime of a printed product. They are also noticeably lighter than acrylic prints, making mounting them a simpler, less hardware intensive process.

Canvas prints

Canvas prints are made on high-quality Artisan Canvas by Breathing Colors. The inks used are of a durable nature of the inks, resulting in prints that are both scratch and smudge-resistant without the need to be coated.

The finish could be considered to be a satin, somewhere between glossy and matte but closer to the matte end of the spectrum of finish. The canvas will be stretched across 1.5" deep stretcher bars, allow the print to hang unframed and sit 1.5" off the wall.

Framed Acrylic prints

Framed acrylic prints are offered on a small number of images. The image is printed directly onto the center of acrylic glass and inserted into a contemporary style frame. Two inches of extra margin are added around the image which accentuates the effect of the print floating within the frame.

The image is then printed on the reverse side of the acrylic. This makes it look like the image is suspended in the center behind the glass. Discreet hanging hardware is also placed on the back of the frame moulding and the final product is ready to hang.

Please note that the frame is 4 inches larger than the print.



  • Methodist Hospital of Sacramento

  • Taylor Made Fitness

  • Ferrari Color/Starbucks